The Early Recordings (1996 - 2002) Acoustic

by Caesar Gergess



This compilation of unreleased early songs mostly recorded with Rene Gely my Canadian guitar teacher who happened to be a great pianist too with a great sense of humour is finally seeing the day thanks to Bandcamp and other means of digital release. At that time circa 1999/2000, I sure looked for a label or a major in Paris to release my songs but maybe not quite enough and I definitely haven't knocked on the right door as most of the guys in the music industry asked me to sing in French, told me that my songs were not interesting, that I had no talent, that there's nothing they can do blablabla.

My musical influences for the acoustic songs at that time were Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Anne Clark, Tanita Tikaram, Marianne Faithfull, Leonard Cohen, Coldplay, REM, Anita Lane, Portishead and gothic, industrial, dark folk bands hence melancholic stuff; to put it short, listen to these songs with extra caution. They're dark and that's the way I wanted them to sound :-)

Miss Diana Ross herself whom I met at one of Radiohead's first concerts up at the bar of Le Café de la Danse in Paris, told me: 'Caesar, you gotta do it just like me 24/7, there's no other way!' while blessing me with her hand on my head and all that hair, believe it or not. Mitch Clark who worked with the Pet Shop Boys at EMI once told me: 'Keep on trying and keep on writing songs, it will all happen one day!'

So I kept on recording new material and writing new songs while taking guitar lessons with Rene Gely, and being the voice of The Joy Society (Jacques Le Honsec / Philippe Pajot) with whom three singles got released in Europe and the US.

Then I met David Guetta and Joachim Garraud with whom I recorded a song written by Chris Willis which unfortunately didn't make it to the final cut of David's second album.
I reunited with Jacques Le Honsec and Christophe Decroix and formed Slyguess. I wrote songs, sang, shot videos, played the theremin and believed in this band big time. Many wild concerts and fun studio sessions happened before the release of the album 'Besides' available here on Bandcamp.
Finally, after Slyguess split for no reason but our lives moving on in separate ways, I recorded 'Journeys by Night' my jazz album with The Dusk Wanderers.
And last but not least, almost at forty, I met the unique Billie Ray Martin and did my first remix ever for her brilliant cover of David Bowie's After All. My next step is to record the following album to 'Journeys by Night'.
A wise man once told me: 'There's a time for everything and fully living your life is a job at full time. Never give up on anything you want that's all!'. So no regrets at all, these songs happen to be released in 2014 and I'm thrilled about it!

Much love to all of you, Caesar.


released October 3, 2014

All songs written by Caesar Gergess except 'Wish You Were Here' written by Christine McVie / Colin Allen 1982 Fleetwood Mac Music BMI, and 'Never Ending Winter' written by Caesar Gergess and Jacques Le Honsec for The Joy Society.
'Depths Of The Woods' contains an excerpt from a variation of 'The Woods So Wild' by William Byrd.
All vocals and back vocals by Caesar Gergess.
All acoustic guitars by Rene Gely except on 'In The Dead Of Night', 'Child Abuse' and 'The Uncrowned King', acoustic guitars by Caesar Gergess.
Arrangements, all other instruments and mixing by Rene Gely except 'Mourning The Swan', 'A Decision To Live' and 'One Last Look', arrangements, noises, piano, hammered guitar and mixing by Caesar Gergess.
All tracks recorded at Studio Bunker Paris and at home, except 'Never Ending Winter' recorded at Jet Lag Studio Paris.
All tracks protected by Sacem.
Photo by Alek Bimbiloski.
Artwork by Caesar Gergess.
Remastered by Caesar Gergess.



all rights reserved


Caesar Gergess Paris, France

Journeys by Night is the debut album by Caesar Gergess & The Dusk Wanderers. It depicts a stroll around a city at night punctuated by different stops in pubs, bars, cabarets and of course, jazz clubs.

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