When Love Hurts (Remixed)

by Caesar Gergess & Tommy Marcus



I was very pleased when Tommy Marcus agreed on remixing my swing tempo song When Love Hurts and turned it into a pumped-up club track without altering my voice which makes me very proud of our first collaboration. All three remixes are awesome!


released May 31, 2014

Lyrics and music by Caesar Gergess
Remixes by Tommy Marcus

Keep Your Eyes Open
It's Just A Start
Leaving You Baby
Is Breaking My Heart

It's Unnecessary
To Pick Up The Parts
They're Broken Forever
My Flesh Full Of Darts
When Love Hurts Us Both

Take All My Stuff And
Head To The Door
I See It's Wide Open
No Need To Hurt More

Don't Try To Stop Me
I Made Up My Mind
I'm Feeling All Wary
With You Behind

When Love Hurts Us Both

When Love Hurts Us Both

Wipe Your Eyebrows And
Sweep All Your Tears
No Need To Cry Further
'Cause No-One Hears

You're Being Pathetic
I'm Not To Blame
It Isn't Dramatic
And I Feel The Same

When Love Hurts Us Both

I Was Lost And Found
Now I'm Safe And Sound
Without You

I Have Found My Home
Have A Life Of My Own
Without You

When Love Hurts Us Both
When Love Hurts Us Both
When Love Hurts Us Both

Vocals: Caesar Gergess
Remix: Tommy Marcus



all rights reserved


Caesar Gergess Paris, France

Journeys by Night is the debut album by Caesar Gergess & The Dusk Wanderers. It depicts a stroll around a city at night punctuated by different stops in pubs, bars, cabarets and of course, jazz clubs.

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